The app that rewards your steps (soon in digital stores)

Give value to every step you take with the rewards system studied by Ustep. Many prizes are waiting for you: start walking with us!

Thanks to Google Maps geolocation, the outdoor steps taken with Ustep are counted and transformed in credits. By completing the suggested challenges, you will be able to spend the accumulated credits on our store; to stay fit and receive many valuable prizes.

You will soon be able to download Ustep on iOs and Android digital stores.

Why Ustep?


Join the Ustep community: our network will help you get more brand exposure. Promote your products and challenge the users.


Keep up to date, suggest a lifestyle that preserves the environment and takes care of evey citizen: rewarding sustainability your city can begin to run


Choose a healthy and wellbeing focus lifestyle. Through a rewards system, Ustep rewards the outdoor steps taken. Dowmload the app and start walking!

Registration process

step 1

download the app and register

step 2

start your activity

step 3

accumulate credits

step 4

choose your prize

Are you a company? Join us

    Read our Privacy Policy and choose the consents you wish to issue to Ustep. You can always change your mind by writing to

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    1. How does Ustep work?

    Ustep is a mobile app (available soon in digital stores) that counts your outside steps thanks to its geolocation system.

    2. When will Ustep be available?

    Ustep will be available soon in iOs and Android digital markets. You will be able to download Ustep at the end of the testing phase.

    3. How can I collect credits?

    Download Ustep from digital stores (available soon), enable your phone geolocation and start to walk outside. Ustep system rewards only outside steps.

    4. How are steps counted?

    Ustep system will rewards only outside steps to rewards sustainable mobility.

    5. What prizes can I receive?

    Ustep’s prizes change periodically, thanks to businesses and cities that believe in our ideas. You will be able to redeem your prize among a large amounts of products and services.

    6. How do I claim a prize?

    Prizes can be redeemed in Ustep market section. Each prize requires a different amout of credits.

    7. When do prizes expire?

    Prizes change periodically. Each prize expiration is indicated in “Prize” section.

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